About Us

cojedi imageEmpowering South Africa’s youth with the technical skills and workplace experiential learning to service the country’s growing ICT sector.


The City of Joburg Educating Digital Intern programme coined C.O.J.E.D.I, is a programme initiated by the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in January 2015 as part of the foundation phase of developing a smart city.

The COJEDI programme focuses on driving innovation & entrepreneurship through critical thinking, preparing students for employment and empowering them to significantly participate in the mainstream of the ICT sector and the burgeoning economy.

The City has developed a strong broadband connectivity around the local communities and the only challenge was that there is not enough human resources to maintain the infrastructure, let alone do they possess the necessary skills to effectively sustain the connectivity to be effective.

The strategy is to recruit and train 1000 of the City’s brightest young information technology (IT) minds to be part of the digital internship programme. The project supports the Gauteng infrastructure investment programme launched by the Premier focusing in the area of ICT and broadband.


The participants of the COJEDI programme will be equipped to technically service the needs of the Municipality’s smart city objectives. 

Targeted Beneficiaries:

  • Youth between the ages of 18 and 35 – linked to Youth Employment Accord
  • The majority of the participants should be black females from previously disadvantaged areas, mainly from the townships and other informal settlements in the City
  • Unemployed graduates
  • Persons with disabilities who have not been given opportunities of participating in the mainstream economy.
  • NEET - (youth not in employment, education or training)